Monday, May 21, 2012

Updates- How to FAIL in a Video Contest (My participation in the 48GFC contest)

No, No Hello World today I´m not in the mood....

There´s no need for false pride

I´m a bloody beginner in the world of filmmaking.

This weekend had prooven it to me.

I have a long journey to go...

But still I will continue it because one has to stand up after one falls!

On this weekend I participated in the 48 Guerilla Film competition.

The Goal of the competition ist to plan, shoot and edit a movie in 48 hours. You get a random genre and line of dialouge you need to include in your movie.

My Genre was Western and my line of Dialouge was  " I have a map for every mall from here to Tijuana".

The first issues I encountered was that my 2 partners blew of a day before the shooting and I had to find poeple to shoot. Most fortunately I found 4 poeple who were very eager to help me. Without their help the project couldn´t have been accomplished (VEEEEEERY BIG THANK YOU GUYS).


Have a reliable crew

The second issue I had encountered was that it was nearly impossible to film outside because cars birds and wind disturbed the audio. In Post it was also very hard to level out the sounds. because I had used the In-cam-mic and an outside mic which had different recording levels.


Be verry Verry VERRY carefull with your audio!!!

Probably the most severe issue I had is that the story didn´t really work out at the end. The storytelling is missing a red line and is confusing for viewers who don´t know the script


 Don´t try to over complicate the script. Try to rather have a nice solid script that works just fine otherwise if you fail to deliver your message because the story is too complicated it doesn´t matters of how many twists or interesting features you thought the audience also needs to get them!

The last and most bitter issue I had that I underestimated the exporting time of Avid MC letting me be too late for the 48 hours...


 Know your editing programm and it´s rendering times. You don´t want to be disquallified/canceled from the job because of your too  long export time.

Even tough I´m very dissapointed with my final movie. I still have to say that I greatly enjoyed it´s creation. One of the reasons I enjoyed it was the wonderful crew I had. We were only 4 people but we still managed to work as hard as 10 at least ^^.

Another positive thing about this expirience is that I now noticed a lot of mistakes I still make and can correct them the next time I shoot a movie.

I had a lot more issues then the listed by the way but these were the most severe ones.

I hope that you can learn out of my mistakes and had fun reading this Article


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