Friday, May 11, 2012

Updates - A Dark Cave to concquer (My Expirience shooting a Band Live

Hello World!

I couldn´t write for a long time because I had my final exams and a new Project.

The Project is/was to shoot a Band during a life performance.

Seems pretty easy, right?


The Situation is the following:

No Light.

EXTREMLY loud Audio

People Crashing against your stuff

No Time to pull Focus

Only two cams

Seems pretty lethal ain´t it?

Did i still managed to get  decent results?



Because of planing, and backup two of the most important things to do if your doing a project similar to this.
 I had literaly 4 different Mics Recording in fear of bad audio, 2 Cams Crossshooting (absolute MINIMUM for a project like this),   2 X 16GB SD Cards 3 Batterys capable of recording 100 Minutes each. 3 glasses with different focal length. 2 People to keep the equipment safe and 2 Tripods (a small one and a big one for different situations).

Even with all this p├članning and equipment i barely managed to get decent shots. So really think a project like this trough before you accept it!

One of the major problems I had was that nearly no light was accesable in the Club and i needed to shoot on high ISO setting (i hope i can denoise the images a little in post) another Problem I didn´t think of was that i had 2 cams in total: One mounted on a Tripod shooting the whole stage and my DSLR with which i shot Handheld from the crowd. Because I only have one lens with an image stabilzer which has a really small focal  length (little zommfactor)  i often entered the frame of my first cam while trying to shoot the band members. I will need to figure it out if this is a problem or i can live with this.

I also did a little timelapse with magic lantern of poeple entering the club (it renders as I write this Blogpost ^^)

In conclusion this project was exhausting beyond my imagination but a really good way of learning to shoot under extreme conditions. I´m really happy that I accepted the job :)


PS: I filmed the Band The Mind Blowing Monkeys the videos on theire page aren´t mad by me (yet) but i think they make awesome music and need some support :)

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