Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Dawn

Hi there World!

I´m Giora Khen currently I´m 19 years old and want to  become a successfull director of photography.

Why did I start this Blog?

I think that the best way of learning is by learning from others mistakes. In  this Blog you´ll be able to follow my journey to finally become a director of photography.

I´ll post any Problems I´ll encounter
I´ll post interesting news of the filmmaking world
I´ll post updates about my Projects
and finally I´ll post my success ;)

So if you too want to start the journey of becoming a Director of Photography or you´re just interested in filmmaking you´ll be able to learn from my mistakes and gain experience together with me. I´ll also keep you updated about my new projects and will post ALL of my movies together with the making-offs on this site. This making-offs will only be available from this site!

As a matter of fact I´m working on several Projects at this very Moment which I will reveal soon ;)

I hope that I could catch your interest, be sure to keep track of my Blog as I will be posting new things very soon

Giora Khen

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